About Me

18 June 2009


My Mom and Dad love me even if I do get fat.
Separate is not always better.
When a member of a group makes something on their own, that work is attributed to the separate entity of the respective creator and not the group as a whole.
Internet commercials are much louder than regular commercials.
Same human is a common occurrence.
Guns don't kill people.
Bad diets kill people.

09 April 2009

Popular Opinion

I have a sore throat. It hurts a lot. I think it's because I lit a bunch of papers on fire the other day. It was fun, but the smoke was not fun.
A lesson can be learned from this. Sometimes we do things that seem fun, but in the end it actually hurts us. I haven't blogged in a while. I apologize. I will do better. I must do better. For if I don't, I will forget who I am. In the world today, one cannot exist unless accompanied by other ones as well as some zeroes intermittently placed between them. Here's an update on what I've been up to:
I go to college.
I have a job.
I have a fiancee.
I have a sick.
I have a band.
I make movie.
I have internet.
I teach kids.
I know what you're thinking. Pretty busy right? Nailed it.

26 November 2008


I have neglected this blog.... I give you my apology.
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25 September 2008

I just slept in class

And now I am blogging.  Can anyone say 21st century?  
In other news...
I am busy going to school and doing all sorts of entertaining things.
I am quite happy in love.
Things are going pretty okay.

16 September 2008

The art of early mornings.

I didn't go to the library, I just sat there.
I ddn't do my assigment, I just sat there.
I forgot the "i" in "didn't" and the "n" in "assignment.
It is early and I'm afraid I have long hours awake still.
I need to grade papers.
I need to find book resources.
I think I will do that in awhile.
I am now grading papers, while I just sit here.

07 September 2008

Get This

So I was just sitting there minding my own business, you know just drinking some water and cuddling with Catey, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, completely unexpected, out of the blue, didn't see it coming at all, Katie Katherine spills peaches and cream all over her.  


24 August 2008

There are no stupid questions, only stupid people

Man: This is a strange map.
Me: That's actually the activity section of the kids menu. What you've got there is a maze.